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Murder Mystery

Customized murder mystery parties created just for your gathering.   Packages for one night start at just $199!!

How Do We Begin?
Because the mystery is designed and written just for you, we begin with our exclusive get-to-know you consultation.  During this time we get the information we need to write a mystery for you that is perfect for your event.

How Does it Work?
A customized murder mystery can last one night or three days.  We can write it for your group to perform if there are guests who are interested, we can do a traditional table reading, or we can arrange actors.  Unlike the murder mysteries that come in a box, the possibilities are literally endless.

Company Requirements
The event manager, if applicable and the actors will require a prearranged secure dressing room large enough to change in, store costumes and props and to retire to between performed scenes.  This room should be as close as possible to the performance area, preferably adjacent to it. Please note we do not change in toilets due to hygiene, space and security reasons. The actors will require subsistence in the form of sandwiches/bar food, tea, coffee and water 1 ½ hours before the dinner start time. The actors do not sit to eat with the guests during dinner.

Call for details!


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