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My Focus Epiphany with Clint Eastwood

All my life I’ve heard one thing from some people:  Leslie, you should focus on one thing and do that.  For awhile I believed this.  And, in some cases, they were very correct.  When you have children you really should focus on them.  I managed to support myself and my son after my divorce and indulge in increasing numbers of my hobbies as I went along.  Because raising our son was so wonderful, it was easy to make it all-consuming.   But I’ve always had that little itch to do more and more with my day.  I’ve never wanted to miss anything good.   I really wanted to write, cook, learn new ways to play outside, have a full social life, try to make a positive difference in the lives of children and, hopefully, help the world with its unfortunate decorating, fashion and food tendencies.

I would come up with all sorts of wild schemes and schedules that could allow all the things I want to get done in a day. To me, a busy day is a perfect day. When people tell me they are going away for a week to just hang out on a beach, I truly don’t understand why that would be fun.  I like to read and could probably read for a day.  But sitting around all day having people bring me drinks would probably kill me.  Plus, my ultimate goal in life isn’t to be comfortable or relaxed.   This is our one chance to use all our gifts while we are here and my goal is to do just that.

My biggest epiphany on this subject came several years ago during an interview with Clint Eastwood.  A movie that he had directed, produced, starred in and composed the score for was about to open.  The interviewer asked him if he’d ever thought of focusing on one thing.  His response was something like, ‘I guess focus is for people who can only do one thing.’

And there you have it.  From that point forward I decided I would do everything I wanted to do.   Sometimes obligations take me away from my pursuits ~ and responsibility dictates that this should happen ~ but during the time I have I will try and do everything and do it well.

In the coming years, Bill and I hope to grow our many interests into a company that keeps us busy and maybe does some good, too.

Stay tuned!

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